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Code of Conduct

Tuesday, 30 April 2013 08:57 administrator
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 Organisational Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics and Student Code of Conduct

1. Members are expected to participate in the Association's programmes and activities whenever possible for the mutual benefit of all members.


2. Members are encouraged to participate in the sharing of knowledge with respect for and acknowledgment of individual contributions and help upgrade the professionalism of the industry.


3. All activities should be for the improvement and best interest of the Association, rather than for individual gain.


4. Members are to serve their associations faithfully, respecting confidentiality, and to avoid any conflicts of interest and activities for personal (or member’s) gain at the expense of the Association or other members. Where there are any potential conflict of interest situations, this should be made known to APSC or its relevant committees.


5. Members should not make use of any industry confidential insider information to create an unequal and unfair commercial advantage for their organizations or themselves. They should not abuse their status as APSC Management Committee members or use their status, power and authority for their own personal or organizational benefit.


6. APSC Management Committee and sub-committee members shall serve all association members fully and impartially. They shall not provide any special privilege to any individual member, nor accept any personal compensation except with the knowledge and consent of their association's governing boards.


7. Members shall by their efforts and contributions strive to improve and upgrade the operations, work and image of the Association and industry.


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