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The organisation was founded in 1987 as the Association of Private Schools, with the goal of bringing Singapore’s private schools under one roof to deliver quality education in response to the government’s push to accelerate continuing education among working adults. The focus then was on greater co-operation and information sharing among members. 


In 2007, the organisation was renamed as the Association of Private Schools and Colleges (APSC) to encompass a broader spectrum of members.  With the globalization of education as well as a new and changed regulatory environment, private education institutions (PEIs) need to raise their standards of performance.  APSC aims to promote higher standards of professionalism, and work with members and PEIs to advance the interests of the industry. 




To be the VOICE and LEAD Singapore’s Private Education Industry striving towards professional excellence, integrity and self-regulation




To promote quality education through vigorous pursuit of :

  • high standard of ethical conduct and integrity

  • professional managerial competence

  • comprehensive student care

  • accredited academic programmes

  • industry relevant curricula/skills

  • as part of a holistic educational experience





The needs and expectations of the key stakeholders of the private education industry make it imperative that industry members abide by a code of professional conduct and exhibit consistently professional behaviour at all times, and thus contribute to sustainable long term benefits to the industry, its members and the students they serve. Four underlying values guide the professional conduct of Private Education Institutions.




The essence of professional conduct and practice can be best summed up in one word i.e. “Integrity.” Members and their employees must honour all commitments and deliver what they promise to students, stakeholders, regulators and society at large.




APSC and its members are committed to the provision of quality private education, training and value added services to students. Quality is all encompassing and must be embedded in the organization’s values, purpose and processes.



APSC affirm the professional standards expected of each organization in relation to service management and customer service delivery. These include course management, marketing, delivery and evaluation of education and training services. They are also committed to continuous learning and upgrading.




All members (including associates) are to exhibit fair mindedness and fair play in the day-to-day conduct of their business with one another, with students and with other stakeholders of the Association. They should not, under any circumstances, adopt or condone unprofessional conduct or unethical practices in relation to students, fellow members and other stake holders.

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